Productivity Tactics for Busy Entrepreneurs

productivityProductivity Tactics for Busy Entrepreneurs

As  busy entrepreneurs it can seem almost impossible to get everything done that we need to get done on a daily basis.

That’s assuming that you have all day to get things done. Some of us Part Time Business Builders have even less time than that to get stuff done. A few hours a day tops in many cases and that’s if we’re lucky.

Do you look around you at others and wonder how they get so much done and make it look so easy?
Believe me, this used to be one of my most crippling aspects of running and trying to grow my business. It was so hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel with so many things to do.
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Mastermind Groups Explained

Mastermind Groups ExplainedMastermind Groups Explained
The mastermind concept has been around for a very long time.
Napolean Hill spoke about it in his book, Think and Grow Rich over 75 years ago.

Many entrepreneurs, including myself, will make references to being part of a mastermind group and credit that group for a big part of their success.

Napoleon Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle as:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” [Read more...]

Learn More Without Spending a Fortune

Learn More Without Spending a Fortune  Learn More Without Spending a Fortune

One of the aspects of being a successful business owner and entrepreneur is being commited to professional learning and education. Many successful entrepreneurs attend annual business related live conferences and events, they invest in online education and certifications, and attend numerous networking events. [Read more...]

March Madness…First Come..First Serve

Alright so check this out…
Starting March 1st, I am looking to take on 10 new students that I will personally coach for the entire month of March within the SFM and DEA program.
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In this 4 week program:

  • I will personally walk you through setting up your SFM back office and dashboard via webinars
  • I will help you get your blog site up and running and help you get your content published
  • I will run a weekly webinar specifically for this Elite group covering some of the best
    methods and strategies I use in order to grow my very own SFM business, and of course, some mind set training..
  • I will help you set up you links, lead capture pages and your autoresponders….
    (don’t know what any of this means yet?? no biggie…I’ll teach you)
  • Plus we’ll throw in a few special guests appearances from some successful entrpreneurs within the company that I think you’re going to love to meet..

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Lead Like A U.S. Marine Episode 010

Part_Time_Business_BuilderPart Time Business Builder Podcast Ep. 010
Lead Like A U.S. Marine

“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.”
Ronald Reagan, President of the United States; 1985


Some of the proudest years of my life were spent fighting side by side with some of the finest friends and warriors I have ever met in my life.
The Marine Corps made me the man that I am today by instiling very valuable charactersitics and traits that will live with me to my last breath. [Read more...]

Getting Stuff Done

getting stuff doneGetting Stuff Done

For years I never really had a plan for what I needed to do on a daily basis in my business to get the most bang for my buck when I was limited for time.
I constantly had my own opinion of what I thought I should be doing but was getting nowhere fast.
It wasn’t until recently that I started to figure out the importance of using systems and strategic processes to get my work done and feel accomplished. [Read more...]

[Video] 4 Steps For Avoiding Overwhelm

4 steps to avoid overwhelm4 Steps For Avoiding Overwhelm

You don’t have to look too far as an online or digital entrepreneur to find some one who is completely overwhelmed with their business and all of the moving parts and pieces that keeps it running.
Maybe it’s a friend of yours or one of your team members, or heck maybe even you.
I know that I struggled greatly trying to fight through the overwhelm of running a business, especially being some one that was working on a very limited time schedule.

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