The 5 Profit Pieces of a Highly Successful Home Based Internet Business

5 profit pieces

In today’s training, I want to share with you  what I call,

The 5 Profit Pieces of a Successful Home Based Internet Business.

Because when done correctly, this formula for success, can create extremely high profits from
the sale of just one customer – and it all starts with a simple, very fairly priced funded proposal

And this is what I call Profit Piece #1 - or, A Low Ticket Offer – which usually costs anywhere between
$7, and $50.

Remember, while the price is low, the value must be high enough to create the desire to purchase even
more from the seller, which is Profit Piece #2 - or, the Slightly Higher Upsell.

This Piece can really put you into profit, because with a great low ticket offer, you can expect a very
high percentage of those who bought your first product, to also buy your second product, not just because
the price is, as it’s called, “slightly higher”, but because the perceived value is higher as well.

Of course, with all products you sell, you must always deliver exceptional value - if you want to
stay in business of course.

Now, after the slightly higher upsell, a great marketing funnel will also offer what is called,
(Profit Piece #3) - an OTO, or, One Time Offer.

This product can be significantly higher priced than the low ticket or slightly higher upsell products,
but come at such a discount that the seller makes it difficult for the customer to say no.

Normally, products sold as a one time offer can cost as much as $400 or $500, although worth
many, many times more than that.

And just like our slightly higher upsell, a good percentage of people who bought your low ticket
offer and slightly higher upsell, will also buy your one time offer, making it a very profitable
piece to your home based internet business.

By now, when done correctly, your customer is feeling pretty good about buying from you, and
could very well want to experience the value you deliver on an ongoing basis.

That brings us to Profit Piece #4, which is often referred to as “Continuity”, coming from a monthly
membership that the seller offers, for fresh, up to date training, live interaction, community, coaching,
and so much more.

When the customer realizes the tremendous payoff they are receiving in exchange for their membership
fee, they gladly make their monthly payments, whichnow creates a long term, passive residual income for
the seller, again, creating lots of profit, but more importantly,a happy customer, and member of their community.

Now, for Profit Piece #5, I want to refer to a concept called, GPT, or, “Get Paid Today”.

This concept suggests that it’s better to get paid today, for a year or two or even five to ten years worth of
residual income, than it is to be paid a very small amount of that same total income, stretched out over
a very long period of time.

In other words, how would you like to be paid 5 years worth of residual income, in one single transaction, while your customer receives over the top value from what they are buying from you.

This type of product can typically cost between $2000, and $100,000, and can pay the seller anywhere
from a few hundred dollars, to thousands of dollars, to even tens of thousands of dollars.

The truth is, people pay top dollar for premium products – every single day.

They want the best they can afford, and as long as they feel good about their purchase, they will
be a happy customer, and probably create new customers just by word of mouth advertising -
which can create double, triple, even quadruple the profits, from the sale of just one single customer.

So there you have it - The 5 Profit Pieces of a Successful Home Based Internet Business…

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