Finding Your Fastball

finding your fastball

Finding Your Fastball
As entrepreneurs we end up wearing so many hats and spreading ourselves so thin that we never take the time to focus on the things that we are great at.

In this quick video I talk about a speech I listened to during my morning motivational routine that I do every morning. If you currently don’t have your own morning motivation routine I strongly suggest you start to work on one.
This extra hour in the mornings, my “Power Hour”, has literally changed my life. You should try it..

The speaker I’m referring to in this video is Les Brown and I can’t say enough about how much Les has inspired me to get better.

Les has been an inspiration in my life and it’s pretty obvious in this next video.
I strongly encourage you to watch this short video and see what you can do to “Find Your Fastball” and get your business and your life on the fast track to success.

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