Are These Four Words Crippling Your Progress??

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Are These Four Words Crippling Your Progress

If you feel like you’ve been losing momentum and you can’ t seem to get any traction in your business, fitness, health, relationships or finances, then I would argue that you are probably suffering from the same mindset that I was stuck in for a while and these four words are probably keeping you stuck there.

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Is Success Contagious??

Is Success ContagiousIs Success Contagious?
Live webcast presents the idea that success may be contagious and how you can catch the bug.

I was doing a podcast with the camera running so I decided to release it in both forms.
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Gary Drops Some Knowledge Bombs…and some “F Bombs” too


Gary Drops Some Knowledge Bombs…and some “F Bombs” too

Watch the video below as social media icon, @GaryVaynerchuk, shares with you how you can use the Internet and social media to build long term relationships and a loyal following of team members and customers.

This training was taken from a keynote Gary delivered at a No Excuses Summit a couple years ago, in Las Vegas, in front of 700 affiliate marketers and network marketers. [Read more...]

Finding Your Fastball

finding your fastball

Finding Your Fastball
As entrepreneurs we end up wearing so many hats and spreading ourselves so thin that we never take the time to focus on the things that we are great at.

In this quick video I talk about a speech I listened to during my morning motivational routine that I do every morning. If you currently don’t have your own morning motivation routine I strongly suggest you start to work on one.
This extra hour in the mornings, my “Power Hour”, has literally changed my life. You should try it..

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Mile High Interview with Adam Chandler

mhi Adam

(Please make sure you’re volume is turned on for this exclusive video interview)

Great weekend of masterminding and “training”, no pun intended, with some of the best marketers in the business up in the Colorado Mountains. I had a chance to spend some high quality time with some smart folks in some cool places.

I have no words to express the importance of getting around people who are doing what you want to do and are living the way you want to be living. It is, without a doubt, what gets you to the next level in life and in your business.
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The Only Way You’ll Ever Have A Successful Home Based Business…

Bald Latin Business Man Over Worked Holding A Help Sign

The Only Way You’ll Ever Have A Successful Home Based Business…

Do you think that your low sales and inability to recruit new team members into your home business is a product of someone, other than you, interfering with YOUR efforts? Are you constantly blaming other people for your own failures? Is it your sponsor’s or upline’s fault? Is it the product’s fault? The company’s fault? [Read more...]